4 Fun Summer Jobs for High Schoolers

School’s out and you’re ready for some fun. That being said, it would be nice to find a job where you can earn some money — and still have time to partake in the joys of summer. The key is to find work that matches up with your interests while helping you develop skills to advance you toward your life goals. So, take a little time to focus in on what sort of job will meet your needs. Do you want to work outdoors? Work with the public? Learn a skill? Here are a few jobs that pay pretty well, give you some flexibility and can be a lot of fun:

  1. Camp counselor. If you love kids, being active and being outside, this job may be just right for you. Beyond the traditional summer camps, there are a variety of specialty camps, ranging from sports to science — just find one that aligns with your interests.
  2. Movie theater employee. Movie buff? Summer is when all the big blockbusters come out and you’ll likely get to see them for free. You’ll practice your people skills by selling and taking tickets, serving refreshments and ushering patrons to their seats. Plus, most everyone you’ll be working with will be your age, so…new friends!
  3. Babysitter. Reliable babysitters are always in demand. Babysitting can pay $15 an hour — that’s way more than minimum wage — you can set your own hours and put your creative skills to work keeping the kids entertained.
  4. Lifeguard. A classic teen job. Yes, you get to hang out at the pool or beach all day, but lifeguarding demands responsibility. Lives are literally at stake! Requirements vary —obviously you need to be a good swimmer — and you’ll need to meet certain Red Cross standards and take other types of first-aid training.